Change in gear

I just bought a gear using raud currency. Went to the character to upgrade gear, and it was not there.
Went back to guild hall and saw the gear was marked as adquired... but it was a different gear than what it showed when i boughtnit... ??????!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kozispoon
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    Our team has tested this with the parameters you've described, and each attempt was operating normally. We'll keep testing to see if any issues crop up
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
  • Doesnt matter. Dont worry. Did happen, promise you. I spent raid currency (not first time I have and has always worked right). This time I did it because it was a piece that needed 50 others to make. So I got it for one of my jawas. However, it did not appear. Checked again and saw it had been changed in guild section to a 20 piece (the ones I usually get from here, and a piece I had already 2 of, so didnt even need it).
    But no worries. Will live with that. Isnt gonna make much difference for my game, just wanted to let you know that it actually happenned and, at that moment, does get on your nerves...
    Anyway, doing a great work, guys. Congrats on running such a good game and thanx for the reply.
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