Yet another barriss thread

Well since official launch I've spent about $25 on packs and the 7 day gem login deal. it's like a day left on my heroine pack and I guess my question is. Would it be worth it to drop another $50 on barriss? Would make a difference from what I already have? I know she's good but I'm not in a rush to get her honestly, but will.

Pretty good collection of characters so far and GROWING


  • Not suggesting that you do or don't spend $50 because it's your money to do whatever you want with it, but just thought I'd bring this to your attention before you do anything.

    Specifically the fact that Barriss Offee is being looked at by the devs because people think her healing is too OP.

    I don't know what kind of changes they'll make (if any) but I figure you should be aware of this before you drop your cash on the bundle :)
  • ChaseKillz
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    thanks I understand, will think it over. lol like I said I don't feel I need her, but the others interest me :|
    Pretty good collection of characters so far and GROWING
  • It's been a while since I saw the pack so I can't remember exactly what you get in it. The other characters are Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka right?

    I don't know what * level they start as (guessing 3*) but if you're interested in them both then I suppose it's worth getting? They're decent characters and starting at 3* is a nice boost if you intend to farm them later on.

    I personally don't think any of those characters are worth dropping money on though, but that's just my opinion.

    In the end it's really what you feel is worth your money :)
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    Nooooooo. From a player who hated going against Barris teams in my early levels I absolutely welcome a Barris team. Just today a purple tiered barris crit me for a whopping 1.4k. Her damage is a crime in the 50s bracket. Luminara crits for 3.5k+.As you get in your 50s if you have paticular combinations of dps that synergize well, healer heavy teams just get ability locked and dps'd down. Huge change in the 50's.
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