Tank raid is soooo slow and boring that it is making my guild mates quit

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It is super hard to get your guild mates to use all their attacks everyday when:
#1 it takes forever. 1 attack can take 20 min (10 on auto)
#2 the payouts are not worth the time. It's hard to convince people it's worth it when it's soooo not
#3 this is a pass the time phone game not our job. People stop playing pass the time phone games when it takes 5 hrs or more to do everything. It used to be nice. Get in and get out. It is far from that now.
#4 half the content isn't fun. No one has fun at gw, no one has fun doing normal tank raids. No one has fun chasing speed secondaris on mods that are never going to fall. Only a select few have this one over powered Stat on mods and the rest of us get meh. Call it rng I call it the god key. Whoever has them has God powers.
#5 the heroic tank raids are tearing guilds appart. Those who show loyalty and stay with there guild are being punished. And those who leave to join super guilds are getting soooo far ahead.
#6 the things that are fun are being over shadowed by the demand. And won't be as fun when those in super guilds make it so the rest can't compete.
Thank you for reading. Just some stuff that's been going on. Was wondering if it WAI


  • You need to find a better guild with serious players.
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  • You're right, the new raid is boring. I hate it
  • Adapt or die, it's the circle of life.
  • I have to agree the only way the rewards are worth it is if you rank top 3 other than that. It's really not worth the gear drop. But Kenobi is what I'm after
  • Sounds like you are in the wrong guild. My guild is doing normal tank raid and we all hit it and get another one going in 3-4 days. We are getting faster and building teams for heroic. It's a nice test of what works and who to farm/gear/level.

    I have fun in GW. Finish it almost every day. Maybe two fails a week.

    I am happy for new content. It is a pass the time game but it can be more. I have a wife and two kids. I still find time to get everything done and have a personal life. I don't spend 5 hours a day on the game to get it all done.

    I have plenty of speed secondary mods. And I am f2p. I just snap up good mods when I see them in the shop.

    It sounds more like this game doesn't fit your life. That's fine. But don't expect the game to change to be something that suits you. The game is what it is. If you can't put the time in to be competitive then just accept what you can do in the game and enjoy it. It shouldn't be a cakewalk just because people have real lives. Those with real lives that can't put the time in will have to be happy with mediocre status in the game.

    And this is coming for someone who is in the mediocre group. I do well and enjoy the game for what I get out of it. I realize those that pay and spend the time will be ahead of me. Oh well. I get my enjoyment daily.
  • @Jabberwocky so super guild it up and let another guild die. That's your suggestion?
  • @xanderxman you got me all wrong. I still get #1 as f2p everyday. Im the leader of a guild that has been together since day 1. And I auto gw. It's not me. It's others that are long time members that are getting fed up. But I do have to say that the daily grind is getting longer and longer. We also do tank raids in 3 refreshes
  • I agree the raid is boring
  • game gets worse every update. get used to it
  • With ships they really need to dial down Tank raid. Too much time in game btwn pit, Tank, ships, tourneys. Love the new content but balance the Tank pls.
  • It is boring, I have to keep reminding the people in my guild to go in and at least auto it. The massive health combined with the slow movements just make it extremely boring.

    Then you finally finish that phase and have to sit there and watch seven droids constantly taking turns while you're waiting to move.

    It's just terrible.
  • The rewards are putrid after the top 3. Boring and waste of time but I keep autoing it to be a good guildmate. A good chuck, like 75% don't put a full effort into it because it's long, boring and no rewards.

    Each time we do it, it's taking longer even though people are leveling toons up.
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    The solution "join a better guild" that some people suggested is not a solution.
    Once you let all small guilds stagnate and the only way to progress in the game is to be accepted in a +250 members guild straight from the beginning is gonna kill the game completely.
    Its not gonna be long after the small guilds for the mega guilds to start loosing members and this game fade to mobile gaming history.
    The developers need to make it worthwhile for new players to stay and grow with their guilds if they want this game to last for a few years.
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    Maybe you should just quit playing.
  • godgiven45 wrote: »
    @Jabberwocky so super guild it up and let another guild die. That's your suggestion?

    If they aren't cutting it and doing what they're supposed to, yeah, what else do you want me to tell you?
    No room in the game for sentimentality if you want to progress. Either kick the players who don't contribute or leave that guild.

    I've only been in one guild since before guilds were even a thing in the game, because I picked the right one with players committed to winning. Sorry if you don't want to hear it
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  • +1
    The entire game has been engineered to make you spend money, I have been at it since March and every single update they release just makes that more and more true. Jumping a guild is stupid but having one get wrecked all day long is no fun as well. It does not get better over time....
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