Training droid bug

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I was training up some lower level toons, ok Jedi Consular, for obvious reasons. When applying training droids if I clicked on the 7*, it would say I need 6. So I slid down to 5 in order to not use all my highest. It still maxed out anyway. Undoing it and sliding to 4 gave the intended results. There's a calculation error or something in the training droids since ships update.


  • I have experienced the same "bug".
    The number of training droids seems to be adding +1 to the number needed.
    NOTE: the credits spent\required are remaining accurate, just the number of training droids needed.
  • Jevon
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    I have noticed this bug since launch, when I mentioned it to my guildies they weren't aware of it so when I came across it again I made a video of it which can be found here to see this bug in action -
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