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Hi. I am relatively new. Just hit 40 earlier today. I've been pretty lucky with some pulls but i was wondering if i could get some input so I don't waste a lot of resources. Credits are starting to get scarce and gear getting harder to farm. Any input is always appreciated :)

4* chewie (leader) - self heal and taunt is awesome
4* maul (considering changing him out for sid since i can't upgrade maul's * without chromium packs)
2* consular
4* talia
4* dooku

theory is that chewie will buy time and soak up damage. 2 healers seems to be a minimum currently although my consular could use some increased staring. The team really has no synergy other than try to do damage and stay alive...

4* sid - just got him today trying to figure out how I can fit him in. I worry about replacing chewie as leader because my army becomes super squishy.
4* mace windu - just got him off a bronz. data pack right now. Seems very situation specific (alot of people are running chewie so maybe good to debuff?).
3* han
3* jawa
2* resistance soldier
1* royal gaurd
1* tie pilot
1* Ig-86
+ the remaining starter characters

GSW: Luminara (working on it)
Cantina: Old Daka(reward) / Talia shards
PVP: Sid shards

Energy: equipment for my PVP characters and farming consular, dooku, and luminara shards.

Thanks again in advance!


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    I think you're currently on the right track. It is difficult to build a team with any sort of synergy early on when your selection of characters is so small to choose from.

    For PvP you definitely want your highest star rank characters since they'll have the most stats. I highly recommend you continue to focus farming shards for Consular to get him up to at least 3* but preferably 4* as you need the a healer that can stay alive.

    Continue farming Luminara from Galactic Wars shipments and Sid from Arena.

    At that level, Maul is still a good option at 4* even though you can't rank up, as long as you have his skills and gear upgraded as high as your level permits.
    I would probably say to switch him out for Sid right now, but make sure you have Sid's skills and gear up to date before you do.

    But when you get Consular to 3 or 4* and he's less squishy maybe consider switching Chewie for Maul.
    I know you like having a tank now but at the end of the day you want to be able to do more damage.
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    Hey guys, i started this game 8 days ago and i'm loving it, i've just hit level 40, i've bought quite a few data cards, but i'm not 100% sure which characters i should use. As it stands my current characters include:
    4* Talia
    4* Darth Maul
    4* Ima-Gun Di
    4* Hoth Rebel Scout
    4* Grand Moff Tarkin
    4* Clone Wars Chewbacca
    4* Clone Sergeant - Phase I
    4* Cad Bane
    4* Aayla Secura
    3* General Veers
    3* Stormtrooper
    3* Snowtrooper
    3* Royal Guard
    3* Qui-Gon Jinn
    3* Princess Leia
    3* Nightsister Acolyte
    3* Luke Skywalker
    3* Kit Fisto
    3* Jedi Consular
    3* Jawa
    3* IG-86 Sentinel Droid
    3* Hoth Rebel
    3* CT-5555 "Fives"
    3* Count Dooku
    3* Coruscant Underworld Police
    3* Asajj Ventress
    2* Teebo
    2* Resistance Trooper
    2* Jedi Knight Guardian
    2* Greedo
    2* Genosian Soldier
    1* Ewok Scout
    1* Ahsoka Tano
    1* Nightsister Initiate
    1* First Order TIE Pilot

    Im also in the process of unlocking Darth Sidious, Luminara Unduli and Darth Vader any day now.
    However i'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to this game, I don't know any tactics and just spend time upgrading and gearing up characters.
    I'd be very grateful if anyone would be willing to tell me, in their opinion, what would be the best PvP team from that list of characters, and if you wouldn't mind explaining why id be grateful for that as well.
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    Imagundi with secura and 2 jedi heals and ct 5555 for 80% counter and u will kick most peoples ****
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    4 jedis will counter at 25% rate with secura at 75% and ct 5555 at 80% then ur pretty much just missing kit fisto if you want more damage and barris might be a good buy from heroine pack
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    oh you have kit fisto so my team wud be -Ima gun, fisto secura ct 5555 and 2 healers
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    nvm no ct 5555 just 2 healers lol i talk to much
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