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Hello All,

Thought it might be fun to have some constructive discussion around which ships you are finding to be your current favorites. Personally, I love Poe and FOTP. I really want to try out Boba, MFalcon and Slave, but dont have any of them. Also, anyone had any success leveling up tarkins capital ship? It seems like everyone uses AA.



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    I like Tarkin's ship, it does good damage and exposes with it's basic. I think everyone is using AA's Home One since it was easily upgradable through the challenge today to get it to 2 stars.

    I myself like B i g g ' s X-Wing. (Don't know why that keeps getting censored).
  • My jedi counselor is strongest since he is 7 star and geared up. I basically have none of the crew members levelled up and geared for the free ships which sucks.
  • I live Fives ship and hate bobas ship (from an optical point of view)
  • Sun Facs ride is pretty nice. Ashokas is pretty awesome too.
  • Mauls ship is really a game changer. Slave1 is solid even though my Fett is only 7* g7. When I get him beefed up that ship will rock.

    Honestly though JC's ship is great for the fight. He brings great survivability to your squad. Poe and FOTP really hit nicely. Ashokas all around use is great. Too hard to choose. Mauls though really at 5* is a great asset.
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