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    What will be the final level cap of the game? Or will it simply go to 100?
  • Rolf
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    There aren't any dragons! We need more dragons! (Krayt, of course.) :)

    Ok, real questions now:
    1. Will changes be made to GW based on input on the other sticky thread?
    2. Will there be game modes that aren't the standard 5v5 battles (or 6 with an ally)? Something to mix it up where we've got a reason to use different combos/strategy.
    3. Any hope of upcycling low level gear that we've got hundreds of into higher level purple gear? Same question for Ability Mats.
    4. Any follow-up info on the 7*Vader debacle? Did people get "additional action" taken, at least the removal of their ill-gotten crystals and bronziums from spamming the achievement?
    5. Any changes to how Taunt works? Resistable, maybe?
    6. Ships! Coming? How will they work?
    7. Any revamps to the Arena ranking system?
    8. How do stats work? We know higher is better, but is a +30 to critical chance +30%? Doesn't seem so.
    9. Any chance of customizing character gear to some extent?
    10. Why do some characters have gear they can't use? Like +special damage for chars that only do physical or +health steal for non-stealers.
    11. Will we get a "community vs the game" event? Not like the Christmas "everyone hit Boba like you were going to anyway". Something with new content?
    12. Can we get patch release notes before the actual patch?
    13. Any upgrades to the ally system? Something with interaction? A way to borrow characters other than leaders?
    14. Guilds, with guild-specific benefits/missions?
    15. Any changes to existing characters we should know about? Any we shouldn't? (You can just PM me those to keep it on the down-low.) ;)
    16. Will current chromium-only chars be released for farming or to GW/Arena/Cantina?
    17. Are you guys happy with how the game's going? Sticking around, hopefully? :)
    18. Looks like we're only one level cap update from reaching level 8 missions. Will that be the end, or will the areas expand further?
    19. Any chance for true PvP between live players?
    20. Any changes to the forum? +1 buttons or likes would be nice.
    21. Are EU characters from after episode 6 fully off-limits to our game, or should we continue to bug you for fan favorites like Thrawn, Mara, and the (non-Kylo) Solo kids?

    Thanks for taking the time for a Q/A thread!
    22. Will this be a regular thing? :)
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    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
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    About ships:
    Will toons be the part of the ships as their captains/leaders? If yes, does they will be assignment to 1 ship, or whole fleet?

    Also, question about Dark Barriss (one of the most interesting and not-totally-obvious choices): Will she be part of any near characters updates? (Next probably isn't possible, because of Yoda/Jedi Luke)
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    How about balancing out refills/energy costs. It is honestly vastly overpriced. I play Future fight and I have more energy than I could ever use. that is also silly. How about being real though and capping refiils on missions at 100 max and cantina at 2 and setting a max refils per 24 hours. Here is a suggestion. Now I buy a lot of crystals, but the ROI farming purple gear and shards is so poor I'm debating calling it quits on spending.

    I buy crystals but I really thew the refills are overpriced given energy cost. They should not be over 50,50, 100X6 100 crystals. To limit explotation cap it at like max 8 refils a day. That is a 700 crystal cost a day to farm missions.

    Cantina cap at 200 and 5 refills that is 900 crystals. So avid farmers like me are still spending 1,600 crystals a day just on farming 100, 200 x4

    Any chance we could see something like this? It does show good faith and care for your customers.
  • han
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    have you guys considered expanding the game by adding a storyline/campaign mode for increased replayability?
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    How about balancing out refills/energy costs. It is honestly vastly overpriced. I play Future fight and I have more energy than I could ever use. that is also silly. How about being real though and capping refiils on missions at 100 max and cantina at 2 and setting a max refils per 24 hours. Here is a suggestion. Now I buy a lot of crystals, but the ROI farming purple gear and shards is so poor I'm debating calling it quits on spending.

    I buy crystals but I really thew the refills are overpriced given energy cost. They should not be over 50,50, 100X6 100 crystals. To limit explotation cap it at like max 8 refils a day. That is a 700 crystal cost a day to farm missions.

    Cantina cap at 200 and 5 refills that is 900 crystals. So avid farmers like me are still spending 1,600 crystals a day just on farming 100, 200 x4

    Any chance we could see something like this? It does show good faith and care for your customers.

    I would certainly spend more if this were implemented.
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    Are there plans to remove who you can't attack in Arena because of being attacked or the person you are trying to attack is already in battle? To me it seems unfair if you want to use gems in arena and these items can prevent you from using them. Hint hint more money for you. Let the end be a mad scramble!

    In arena, are you planning on changing ranks 10 through 5 on who you can attack? At rank 11, I can attack rank 2, but at rank 10 it would take me two wins to attack rank 2. This seems silly.

    Are there plans for more PvP events? If so what are they and what do they involve?

    Are there plans for light/dark side characters on the same team to have disadvantages?

    Do you have any plans for Easter Egg characters?
    Bye Forums.
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    Probably already mentioned, but at what rate do you consider a healthy rate for addition of new characters?

    Obviously you're pulling characters from all aspects of the Star Wars universe, so that leaves plenty of characters (and versions of characters) to work from many years.

    My personal opinion is at LEAST 2-4 additions per month would be acceptable. Yes, I understand it takes time to develop characters, but once you guys get into the swing of things, what rate do you think is good?
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    Thanks for the Q&A.

    1. I admit I watch Star Wars Rebels, any plans to add any characters from that show? There could be some interesting scoundrel additions.

    2. What characters do devs think the players don't fully appreciate the usefulness of (I'm thinking characters originally unlocked as 1* or 2*) and why?
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    Will Plo Koons light saber ever be changed to orange? lol :p;)

    ...couldn't help myself Jesse haha

    also wondering if the star limit of characters will ever be raised to 8*? if so I might want to hang on to those extra shards...I hope it stays at 7* though to me that's plenty

    i hope they don't ever make it 8* or at least not anytime soon. Really i don't want to take away from staring up other chars to have to restar lum/sid/jc etc. I want more viable chars than just 5.
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    What about that Boba Buff...Literally his unique is worthless i have him maxed on everything minus the 7th* and his unique which i'm not spending mkIII's on b/c it's worthless.

    But yeah boost some damage his Aoe does 1k at ability power 6, the block is nice though 80% chance.
    the unique would be sweet if it were turned into aoe Flamethrower or single target tow cable stun or something else useful. whats the point of a tank that everyone kills last to revive numerous times?
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    1. Will there be alliances in the future?
    2. How many new characters will the be in the next update? Which one?
    3. Will the ships come in the next update? What will they do?
    4. Are you going to increase the star max? To 8 or 9+?
    5. Can you add live pvp?
    6. Can you let us choose a shard after completing GW instead of 1 random one?
    7. Can you add the death watch leader in the clone wars? He is the guy with the black lightsaber and i would love to have him, maybe in a bundle pack, him and a mandalorean soldier?
    8. Can you add darth revan? He looks sick with his red and purple lightsaber. Also darth bane, nihilus, plageus (with revive ability of course).
    Thanks for answering this (if you do lol).
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    1. Can you fix the bug where if you call an assist attack and if the character RNG decides to pick is stunned, wastes the extra attack?

    2. Is there going to be any options for F2P users to gain access to chromium only heroes, such as rotating new heroes into Squad Area shipments or GW shipments?

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    Naecabon wrote: »
    - Why do lower * characters give so few character shards when opened again in Chromium packs? Isn't this kind of a weird thing to do, considering they require MORE overall shards to reach 7* after unlocking? Why award us with as low as 7 shards when we open them subsequently, an amount actually worth LESS than opening the fraction shard instead of a hard unlock, compared to giving us 32 shards for other characters? Wouldn't opening characters at an even shard count make the playing field a bit more even?

    I can answer that. Because they are better. If Leia was 80 shard character, you would max her faster. Better characters, harder to star. Tie pilot is 10 shard character, thus the best. Leia and QGJ are 25 thus are best of Chromium. You get the idea.

    If anyone knows if Dooku is making come back in level 9 or level 10 gear? He needs 6 more speed to lead the pack again. I would speculate that he gets it in at least 9 or 10. Who else joins 167 club in level 9, level 10 gear?
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    Please add more filters in heroes menu like: droids/first oder and heroes with stun/heal. It would be a great tool for sorting heroes.
    Thank you.
  • J7000
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    Is yoda gonna be a bad mutha?
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    The teams one faces in Galatic War and the Squad Arena have become quite homogeneous, how about a new random challenge based on the historical enemies. Like your Empire team against another player's Rebel team. Or your Resistance team against another's First Order, Jedi vs. Sith, Clones versus Droids, etc. it would force people to use more characters and broaden the game a bunch. There could even be a ranking system for it.
    Empire Relic
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    No griping here, just genuine questions for the devs:

    1. Who on your team was the lucky one who got to pick the characters to include in this game? Was it leadership/business-case driven, or did you all get to pick your favorites?

    2. How are the leaderboards populated? Is it based on when you joined so that everyone more-or-less progresses together?

    3. Was it difficult juggling fun vs challenging vs profitable? Was there a lot of planning/business-stuff involved, or mostly instinct and experience?
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    Question: Are the speed bonus leader abilities of Ackbar & QGJ originally designed (in the mind of the designers) to implement before the first turn ? Or are they designed to increase speed after the first turn? Like in the current meta, where 'standard speed' seems to be the current stat which affects the beginning order of turns.

    As stated above, are the speed increase Leader abilities supposed to work in arena as they do in other modes? Speed works right away in GW or Campaign for example, but in Arena the effect only takes place after these chars' first turns.
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    Holy FSM, you people. All of you would have passed O-Chem easily if you'd applied this sort of analytics to your own studies. Here are my questions.

    1. What did everyone on the team have for lunch?
    2. What do you tell your parents/grandparents that you do for a living?
    3. Have you ever been to Yosemite? Have you climbed Half Dome?
    4. Do you get annoyed reading all these posts?
    5. Did you have an in-office contest that @EA_Jesse lost?
    5b. If so, could I have details?
    6. What is your favorite color?
    7. How many yards of **** is required to crawl through to safety?
    8. Do you regularly laugh out loud at work to the point of crying?
    10. Who is Keyzer Soze
    11. If you had one chance, just one chance, to make everything alright in the world, what would you do? (See below)

    Bonus question: How many shards will it take to make my nerfherder 7*?

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    So most questions in here seems to be around actual releases etc and stuff that I don't expect us to get any answers for, but here is one that you might actually be able to talk about:

    From what lore-sources can we expect character releases into this game?
    Since this is an official game I would expect it to be restricted to what's commonly named as canon sources only but confirmation here would be nice and would also stop some of the speculation.
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    Energy refills currently only give you 120 energy. Energy caps go over 120 at levels greater than 60. Will this be adjusted? It seems silly to pay for energy and not have it fill all the way, especially considering its high cost
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    - Would be realized in future guarantee on drop characters as in Heroes of Dragon Age? For example, every 50k bronze coins guaranteed drop the character.
    - Where can I ask about unlocking an account?
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    Thanks for Q&A

    1. Thermal Detonators
    -ability to stick
    -delivering a killing blow
    -unit killed with one attatched provide splash/AOE damage(suggestion)

    2. Stealth
    -should you be countered when stealthed?
    -needs leaders/synergies
    -plans to rework?

    3. Customizable Character/s
    - you could pay/earn colored skins for your chars(suggestion)

    4. Balancing
    - plans to balance and increase arena diversity? IMO the same 4 chars in arena take a lot of fun out of the game.

    Thank you for the wonderful game:)
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    cool down timer lowered from 6 minutes to 3 for more game play.
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    My quick question for the devs:

    Are there any plans on improving the gear portion of the game? It seems a little awkward in it's current state and I'm wondering if there are better things to come down the road? Gear is a huge part of gaming in general and I'm just curious if that will also happen in this game as well. Thanks :)
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    When will defense be as useful as offense? For instance if offense up is a 50% increase to offense, that results in a considerable bonus to damage given. So where's a defense buff? Defense up should reduce incoming damage by 30-50% instead of effecting the defense stat, because the defense stat is worthless.

    This would make defense and healing teams actually viable again instead of only the existing meta of speed and attack. I doubt it would be enough to dethrone poe, as he does speed, turn meter control, and expose, along with target limitation. But it might give us more options
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    Abyss wrote: »
    Icyraine wrote: »
    obiwan1011 wrote: »
    Icyraine wrote: »
    I would suggest that

    1) standardize rewards time and rewards being time based, meaning instead of giving multiple 6pm rewards ( euro , us , Asian ) u only give once and to the account that spent the most time at that spot during the last 24 hours

    I know this is a Q&A section, but I am definitely against this idea. If that new 6pm (or the most active time) happens to be 3am in your time zone, that would be very fun, wouldn't it?

    What I am saying is a system that could calculate the amount of time u spend during the last 24 hours

    Example if u spend more then 12 hours (out of 24) at rank 4 u will be rewarded rank 4 reward at the rewards time even if u end up at rank 12

    I mean clearly this is just an idea i am throwing out whether it possible to implement or taken into suggestion , I don't know

    100% DISagree. Spending time in the spot is dependant on weather others atk you or not, and has nothing to do with what you do or who you atk. Award times based on rank at the cutoff time (payout time) is the rite way

    The right way would be:

    The arena award given each day is based on the highest rank achieved that day.

    No more snipers.
    Everyone can go at their own pace

    Win Win

    This doesn't feel like the right way either. Imagine a race, 24 laps. And you give the awards based on how high on the ranking you made it through any of those 24 laps, instead of the very last one, which is of course the one that matters.

    I think they're already kind enough to let the daily cut be based on your local time, and not using a single generic daily cut for this matters.

    PS: also, about sniping:
    548-145-651 | Playing since Dec 28th (:
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    Thanks for taking the time for a Q&A Dev team!
    Really, really love this game. Great work thus far!

    I've seen a lot of really good questions asked, one of which I also must echo out. I would love to invest more money into this game (believe me, I'm hooked) but as it stands chromium packs are not an appealing or wise decision to make as a consumer. The problem being when you unlock exclusive characters you do not have access to gain more shards for them and they quickly end up collecting dust which deters me from wanting to buy chromium packs again. It would be a huge and lucrative game changer if you set up a model where when you unlock an exclusive character, for there to be a way to gain shards for them via special shipment or node you only get access to if you purchased/unlocked that character afterwards. That way there's more of an incentive to take the gamble and try to unlock special characters. To me its a win win for both EA/CG and us Heroes :smile:

    I don't have many other requests other than that and how I would really, really appreciate cantina energy refills to be more in line with the regular energy refills.
    As it is 100-200-400-400 is way too steep and way too fast!
    100-100-200-200-400 I think is a reasonable adjustment and much more alike the normal refills at 50-50-100-100-200 etc..

    Also, it would be awesome to have a practice arena as many are begging for but not as big of a deal as my former pleas. Thanks again for the updates/feedback, they're always appreciated from us EA/CG.

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    Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions.

    My first question is: with all the money being spent on this game do you actually intend on hiring a customer service staff capable of reading complaints and responding as opposed to the current staff that cut and pastes the same response sending us to the message boards. The current setup is unethical and discouraging.

    2: can we request more content that is F2P? Even if the rewards don't advance characters as meaningfully as the current energy/cantina, something to do during the day would be nice. Possibly a way to earn extra credits or energy units?

    3: character balancing, please address. The boards are full of complaints regarding these issues. Mace Windu and Poe are the top 2 in my book.

    4: I like the new Global war. It is challenging and requires a number of heroe/skills. Can we please get another challenging piece of content like global war? Keycard battles are lame. Please replace them with something meaningful.

    5: I am all for P2P, but the current system of chromium shards is lame. Can you either A) intermittently bring in packs (heroine/droid pack etc) or bring in another product like chromium packs with more narrow scope of heroes offered as rewards? In the end game a 4* character is useless, and it makes spending money much less rewarding to our game experience. Also on this stream, I love Darth Vader, but the fact the game allowed cheaters to get him to level 7, now he is limited to 5*, which means that he has no endgame potential, is frustrating.

    6: Finally, your customer service is ridiculous. Please hire functional, intelligent human beings to address our concerns.
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