This is my team please let me know if they work good together or if you have any thoughts and suggestions for it.

Count dooku
Barris Ofeee
Kylo Ren


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    You can put so many characters in instead of Barriss. Phasma is good, Geo is good so is Poggle, the list is countless. JC is better than Barriss. I am using Lumi and SId and they serve me well. But with the game going on, the new good chars pop out, cuz the old players got all the obvious choice and they stardet working on something new. I think your team can do well if you replace Barriss. I can advice you to focus on some hard hitters like FOTP or/and Geo Soldier. I've heard that Luke is good, but he is slower than Geo. If you have Poe, you should put him into your squad. Get rid of Barriss, this should be your first action to improve your squad.
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