Who should I replace?

I am level 65 who finished 9th on my world PVP yesterday.
This is my team: 23000 PW
Phasma 6* 50/100 Gear 8 3/6 PW 4468
Sid 7* Gear 8 2/6 PW 5002
Lum 7* Gear 8 3/6 PW 5271
Kylo Ren 5* 51/85 PW 4350
Dooku 4* 9/65 Gear 8 3/6 PW 3909
I got Poe the other day and I have him almost up to 4 stars(Will be after rest tonight). I know Dooku is a power guy, but I am finding it so hard to level him without dumping tons of crystal$ in him. Should I gear up Poe once he hits 4 stars and replace Dooku?
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