Extra? What to do?

Hello all -

I use my crystals every day to replenish Cantina once, and Light Side and Dark Side battles twice per day. Over time, I've still been able to amass over 1k of extra, and it keeps growing due to being decent in Arena, and not spending needlessly. I'm a F2P player. What should I do with the leftovers? Should I save for the 2800 packs? Spend more on Cantina, etc.? If I'm able to do my replenishes each day, and still save up, I guess 2800 is the way to go?



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    I'd advice to go for more refreshes, maybe 50-50-100-100 for regular and 100-200 for cantina. Chromium packs are a gamble, not worth for F2P or low/moderate spenders. But if you want to try your luck, go ahead of course.

    Before I got $20 for a pack, I read a lot on a few sites, the forums, and watched a lot of youtube videos of chromium pulls, just to get an idea of what I was getting into. I figured as well if I was going to, it was best to do so sooner in the game than later.

    I don't complain. But I wouldn't invest too much in this. Unless you can go all in, don't. If you have a surplus of crystals, use them to farm some more gears or shards for your team, it's a best investment for them for F2P and low/moderate spenders.
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    I'd rather refill cantina twice. It gives you extra shards from the node you are farming and extra cantina credits. And cantina has some great heroes to unlock (kylo, gs, poe, daka)
    The chromium gamble isn't worth it if you're not going to spend more $$$. If you pull a Lando or a Leia it might seem good at first, but you won't be able to upgrade them without buying a lot of new packs.
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