Notifications question

New player...just leveled to 44. I am not sure what the notifications under character tab means when I don't have any upgrades available.

For example when you have upgrades it shows as a + in the character screen. But sometimes I see a 3 and there are no + next to a character.

What does that mean?
Please provide some details.
Link to my screen


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    Hi Annastrasza,

    Congratulations on achieving Lv44!
    The notifications could mean you have new Gear to be equipped, levels to be trained, abilities to level up and Star levels to promote.
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    Thanks for the reply regeneration. I don't see any new gear (+) sign, no abilities (which shows as a number next to a character).
    I need to check if there are any stars to be promoted. Will check.
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    Nothing on stars to promote. I just upgraded some abilities but the 3 still remains on character tab as shown in the screenshot
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    I believe those are shown for level ups as well.
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    OmarFPG wrote: »
    I believe those are shown for level ups as well.
    That makes sense OmarFPG; I got 3 toons who are not max level.

    Thanks for the info.

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