Defense proc rates

Who else is sick and tired of losing battles that should be won because the defensive team gets double the chances of everything? I mean apparently power of characters mean nothing in this game when your whole team gets stun locked by a team with phasma lead and daka assisting every single attack? I understand a néed for balance but come on. A 20% chance should not happen six attacks in a row. Nor should 2% evasion generate 6-15 misses in a row. There is no rng in this game for f2p. I just lost in the tournament to a team I spank daily all because daka assisted 8 attacks in a row letting my dps healer and buffer die before I had 1 attack. And I had 4k power on the team.


  • If it is favored towards AI, keep in mind that's how your defensive team plays, too.
  • Yes well the ai got too smart this year. I get 1 gw win a week maybe less depending on how many supers quads it thinks I need to face. My node 12 is generally a team with 44k+ power daily. With 200+ speed so as I sometimes don't even get more than a couple of turns before my tear is wiped. I also think some character are bugged like palp. I doubt that 150% heal is accurate unless he only has like 6k hp. I've had him one lvl 50 toon strike from death and he went full after his skill. I understand challenge but yall don't see the challenges I face daily. I've playet since the beginning and feel like I just started yesterday with gw arena and such.
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