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Yeah you read that right! Dutch Trade Alliance Academy is here for players that are a bit more casual or just low level in general. However, since this is a sister guild there's a reward for being very active and getting to elvel 85: being promoted into DBA (If there's a spot).

That doesn't mean however that we won't do raids once we're filling up. Spots are open and we'll take invites from players. We currently have people ranging from level 30-65 and we do and try to do raids regularly.

Here is something about us:
- We have our own forum: DBA Forum, this is in Dutch and thus not usable for everyone.
- We use the in-game guild chat actively.
- We enjoy the game as active players and expect you to do the same.

We have one rule:
- Be nice and be active, if you're not active and you didn't give a reason that will be a kick

In-game name:
Ally code:
Faction you like to play most:
Creator of Dutch Bier Alliance [DBA] - Come and join if you're Dutch. More casual/low level? Come join Dutch Bier Alliance Academy [DBAA]
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