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I'm a level fifty f2p, and I'm having a really hard time making any strides with my arena rank. Obviously, I haven't had as much time to develop a team capable of playing defense as some others, so, after getting up to around rank 750 each day, I fall all the way back to about 1750. So, my question is, should I use crystals to get the extra 5 plays so I can climb higher and therefore fall less, leaving myself some opportunity to make some actual progress on the leaderboard? Or should I be patient and simply wait for my squad to become developed enough to hold its own on defense? Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks.


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    When borrowing an allys character i noticed it takes some time before can get a chance to borrow again is there reset period? If yes what.
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    I just made it to level 56 and I'm in the top 20 on my server and I'm f2p as well and there may be more p2p players on your server I don't know but I would try to get as far as possible because those arena rewards help a lot
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    Save your crystals for energy, and grind gear/shards instead, in the long run it will be easier to climb and hold your ranking, when you are geared/stared up
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