How is Poe always going before my Poe?

I read countless times that when two characters have the same speed, it's randomly picked who goes first. However, my Poe is maxed and I'm as high level as anyone else but their Poe always goes before mine, always.


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    If your Poe is maxed out and has 143 speed (gets there at lvl 61 with gear 8 and an extra gear piece towards gear 9), then he should tie for first round action. The game uses RNG to break the tie and determine which side goes first. If you are always seeing the other Poe go first, then your speed is not 143, or you just have bad luck with the RNG. Keep at it and I am sure you will see your Poe go first sometimes.
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    I do have 143, and I haven't gone first in about 15 fights.... Almost impossible.
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    This is a forum first, someone complaining that their poe is not broken enough, poor u
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