Mods question

What is better to Antilles and Biggs, health and protection mods (to avoid quick deaths) or speed mods (to shoot first)? I know that usually speed is more important.


  • They both get Speed boost anyway from Wedge. I'd go with Crit Damage and look for Speed secondaries.
  • Kyno
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    From bonuses they get speed and crit chance from biggs special attack.

    Crit damage with speed secondaries. Speed arrow on biggs for first shot. Accuracy or crit chance arrow on wedge. Offence and crit chance secondaries are a good bonus.

    The other 2 slots are up in the air, health won't make much of a difference and crit chance isn't really needed, but use them to the best of you mod sets to get speed and offence/crit chance or damage.
  • Ok, tks
  • I haven't seen anybody w speed mods sets before, obviously the secondary is always as high as you got.

    From what I've seen most 40k-ish teams use health mods, 45k teams use 4x crit dmg -2x crit % (glass cannons) and 50k teams go for max protection for sustained fights.
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