The GW hype

I am creating this topic, because I am tired of looking all these GW discussions. The new GW is good game mode, it is better than before imo. I've lost 2 GW in the last week, but that is the part of the game. I know you are whining bout not balanced teams, high lvl teams etc. Yeee, you are right. But since the new retreat, i haven't seen that much OP teams that can not be beaten.
I am F2P player, and i've been playing since the early december. My team is pretty good and fast as the matter of finishing GW. I run Lumi7* (L), Sid7*, Poggle7*, JC5* and Geo4*, and with that comp i have finished 3 GW without any casualties. It is pretty easy to me to complete GW almost everyday. I know sometimes it can get rough, but it is not that bad. So what if you don't complete GW 2 or 3 days. Most likely you would get 800 tokens anyway. You've wanted to be more challenging, and now it is. It is so beatable for f2p players as is for p2p.
In this forum you can find so many topics and video material bout GW that can help you. You should understand that with whining you are not going to win. If you have hard times, upgrade your toons or get new ones. I thing the problem is that people can't manage their cd's and perhaps they can't even choose the right targets in the fights.The RNG is strong sometimes, but instead of banging your head in the wall, you can try some new things.
I don't want to be rude, but you guys are way over the line with this GW. It is not our fault that you have problems with it. I have problems too, but I am trying to get past through them. Dem I am annoyed that you are only here to complain and not to share some constructive thoughts.


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    Thankfully, the people that are ok with the current GW are a minority. I've tried just about every strategy mentioned here, and I haven't been able to complete it once. I'm level 64. It's a part of the game I dread playing every day because I know I'm not going to complete it. There is then there is frustrating. GW is not fun. It's frustrating

    Hate to break it to you, but sometimes their players complaining constantly is the only way something gets changed.
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