How do bundles work if you already have some of its content?

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Hi all!

I found out the sad way from buying chromium data packs that if characters duplicate the subsequent units will be replaced by character shards instead.

But how about those starter bundles that guarantee units instead of shards?

For example, I have Nightsister Initiate already and I wanted to buy the Heroine Starter Bundle. The bundle is guaranteed to drop her and a few of her shards.The price of the bundle remains $49.99 even though I already have some of its content. Will the duplicated unit be replaced with extra character shards upon purchasing the bundle? How does it work?



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    Hi Oceanspree,

    Yes whenever you pull a full character from any pack or bundle, it will be converted to X amount of shards for that character if you already have it unlocked, in your case, yes you will gain X amount of extra Nightsister Initiate shards, which you may use to promote a Star.
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    Thanks for your help!
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