Borrow a hero, galactic war teams

How is it determined what ally you can use from friends, is it their highest level character or a random one or what, same with enemy galactic war teams?


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    Last leader used in any mode.
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  • Darth_Pigbreath
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    More like "Borrow a wookie". I don't have any allies using a wookie, yet whenever I try to borow a hero I get 5-8 wookie options. Every time. Kinda FREAKING annoying. Spending minutes going back and forth till I get something viable to choose from since wookies are taking up the majority of hero slots.
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    The same thing happens to me. But most of them have five star Chewbaccas so it's good. But every once in a while a Rey or Boba Fett will pop up.
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    On my alt account, 90% of all allies listed are wookies ...
    On main account, its mostly Sid's.
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    Chewy is the only decent leader when you start out. So people use him till they get a better option unfortunately.
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