Shards/crystals in the bank

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Just curious-- how much do you tend to keep in hand? I try to keep 1k crystals and a million in the bank. Below that and I start go get antsy. Am I crazy?

I'm at 63. I have 12 toons in the 60s and several in the 50s. 34 toons total.
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    The cash is for leveling. As for the shards, it was mainly so I could buy packs. That was useful when I didn't have many toons, but I've got most of what I'd like (the returns are diminishing now). I guess "just in case" a new release will call for mega-shards?

    I'll admit I'm new to this type of game. My farming is ****, I don't refresh a lot.
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    Do you mean shards or crystals? I spend everything I have. I have 8 heroes at max level for me (62) 4 at 61, 8 at 50+ and about 15 at between 1-45. I refresh every day, my shard pulling luck is quite good.
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    Sorry, I mean crystals. I'm a dope.

    I'm thinking my strategy might be holding me back. Sounds like everyone uses crystals for refresh.
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