Future characters & turn meter control

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I know that CG plans to release new characters in the future so they are probably working on them at the moment, so I only have one thing to ask and that is for them not to make characters that effect turn meter.

Currently if you look at the game as it is, a lot of the good/overused characters control turn meter in some way. Phasma controls it with her special which gives turn meter to allies, poe controls it by taking away turn meter and han controls it by giving turn meter each time hes attacked. What this leads to is that one person gets more actions that their opponent which can drastically tilt the battle in one direction from the beginning because one person can easily burst down 2 characters before their opponent gets an opportunity to attack. Turn meter control is just too good for a game like this that is turn base, it lets you control the fundamental mechanics of the game in you favor.
If anyone ever played yugioh and ever saw the card yata garasu, that card was banned from high level play because it allowed people to control the fundamental mechanic of the game because yata garasu made your opponent unable to draw a card. So if you couldnt draw a card you pretty much cant play the game. The same this is happening right now with turn meter control, because if YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR TURN YOU PRETTY MUCH CAN'T PLAY THE GAME.

So please as you guys continue to work on those characters, please dont add turn meter control; feel free to add speed buffs/debuffs but turn meter control in a turn based game just breaks the game.
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