Ships to slow.

3 of my last 5 ship battles have drawn. I even auto'd the last after a got a lead.
What a waste of time.


  • Saraleb
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    Just wait till everyone has full quota of reinforcements
  • Can't wait
  • Aaaaaayyyyy ... To Slow! fOx3F0T.gif

    I agree. Fun animations but the battles are drawn out too long.
  • Just wait until everyone starts maxing out their ships. I think CG will need to increase the battle time to 30 minutes when that happens.
  • crzydroid
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    Part of the problem is that the clock is running while the capitals go through all their animations.

    I'd hope that as more ships with varying abilities come out, and people upgrade those abilities, ship synergy teams will be able to score a victory faster. I seem to remember running up against the clock in arena in the beginning, until I put together a better team instead of the five strongest of my starter toons.
  • scuba
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    I was having the issue till they fixed the endurance now they are over in about 4-5 minutes.
  • I agree. I only do the one battle a day because they are so tedious. So much health and the the reinforcements just drag things along.
  • Pretty concerned about this as's getting frustrating that i'm more concerned with the game clock more than the opponent.

    I generally run Mace as fleet commander and when you go up against another Mace the odds of a Draw go way up. Maybe 45% of my Mace on Mace battles end in a draw. Facing Akbar is marginally better but i've had the opponent down to 1 or 2 ships with 5 of mine left and times run out on several occasions.

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