why maces capital ship challenge require 6 ships whereas...........

ackbar and tarkins ship challenge requires 7 ships??

the ship challenges where you earn shards for your capital ships why does the challenge for maces capital ship require only 6 starfighters at the required star level whereas ackbar and grand moff tarkins challenges requires 7 starfighters at required star level to earn theirs??

does this give players using maces ship an advantage? or nah??


  • Mace's ship is kinda on the low end of capital ships
  • Disagree Dark. I think he's the best honestly.
  • Nack_Alfaghn
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    Im top 10 with Mace so he cant be that bad.
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  • I think over the long haul, Mace will have the best Capital Ship. My Home One is still better than my Endurance, but I look forward to switching soon.
  • Endurance is the end-game. I am only using Home One right now because not using it makes you draw attention from the sea of Home Ones.
    And... perhaps it is to make it slightly different from the Home One. When a Separatist capital ship comes up, it will probably have the same requirement as Endurance, only with dark side ships.
  • scuba
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    Mace's ship is kinda on the low end of capital ships

    Believe that if you want.
  • FleetCommand
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    Well if you go empire with Vader's advanced tie you are all in and if not you go for home 1 and get mace's vengeance as well. So I'm assuming next capital will be grievous and will require dark as well so you either go for fast light or risk the slower dark great synergy ...

    We will probably max light ships by then and work on remaining dark side anyways by then

    So on topic mace's ship is last on my list and consider it a bonus on my way to maxing my main capital ship. He probably has 6 in order to give access to the players to some purple mats faster as light side ships are weaker overall
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