Add a mandatory auto search function before you can post in forums?

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I don't know how feasible this is, or how easily it would be prone to manipulation. Thoughts are this though. What you type into a new post gets run through the search function. If it hits a certain number of responses, you can't create anew post on that subject? Better ideas and refinement are welcome.

Add a mandatory auto search function before you can post in forums? 7 votes

57% 4 votes
28% 2 votes
Something else
14% 1 vote


  • I'm moving this to "Off Topic" because it isn't relevant to the game-play itself.

    A lot of players want answers on the forums and it's best to let the discussions dictate if the thread gains steam, falls down the page, or gets merged if the discussion proves similar to the existing threads.

  • Merged with existing threads. Well get your merging ready because this is what I expect to see this week

    10 dooku is op thread
    294,254 poe is op thread
    186 FOTP is op thread
    10 threads about nerfing someone besides who I listed.
    Bariss healing through immunity
    Who is mol ezila
    Why can't I upgrade abilities
    GW is to hard
    GW is to easy
    Please add Yoda
    What characters would everyone like added.

    That's all I can think of top of my head. I'm sure there is plenty more I see but these you see everyday, with different posters starting them.
  • good list. add the 92 threads about not getting all of their galactic war tokens. it doesnt matter, people are dumb. you could make a stickey on all of those topics and no one would bother to read them. just create an account and 1st post is a new discussion on how OP dooku is.
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