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Please leave any feedback you have about the new Escape from Jedha event in this thread. (Please, keep it civil.) I am especially interested in what everyone thinks about the new tech we're using to put K-2SO into your ally slot so you can use him with your normal squad as a kind of "test drive". But any other feedback is also welcome. Thanks!
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  • Sinnerman
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    I would like to give feedback - cant - iOS. Any word about it?
  • The event was great, a bit on the easy side even on last tier. I used a Lando (L), Sthan, Wiggs, Anakin team and just lost StHan on my first try, only dazed whenever I saw an elite.
    Quick question. Will we get 29 shards after each refresh, given that we beat all tiers?
  • LukasPhoenixRebels
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    Well the event is obviously great Cap. There's only one thing. I'm a IOS user. And please mate, "I can't discuss that won't cut it"

    Edit: This really got on my nerve mate. Other people as well. We will be very very mad as a community if there's no equal event for iOS users as well. And crystals.
  • The event was great, but a little too easy. With that said, the feedback will be UGLY because of the exclusivity, and I understand that completely
  • The event is pretty cool, my only "complaint" is that from wave 1 to wave 7 it's a little too easy, the last wave is pretty well balanced.
    Also the idea of adding k2so as an ally was pretty cool, since we can actually try him first to see how he actually performs in battle. I hope you will keep the idea of the ally slot for the next events.
    Overall great event, keep it up!!
  • Not happy about this at all. Giving so much free stuff to some and not others is a seriously flawed plan. Please, level the playing field.
  • Having a preselected ally to try out is nice.

    The last tier though was not difficult at all, using a full droid squad.
    Tomorrow will be full auto !
  • n1kon
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    EVENT looks fine. Is balanced and we can test new droid.
    QUESTION: Why some people get only Starter Pack and Others Player's Pack or even 3rd VIP Pack?
  • That's some TRUE **** going on right now. Just divide iOS and android if u are so unfair! **** you!
  • Uumer
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    Hi Capgasp, those events are exactly what I like about the game. Idea to try out droid as ally was very good. On paper the tank looked very unusefull (even for droid team like i run). In the event I could feel the char and defenetly want to have it. I am currious about what Cassian will give to the char. What I don't like is the new strategy like in ships to have 29/30 shards after a run. Thats my 2 cents to this.. Thanks again for the event!
  • this whole platform exclusive thing needs to stop yesterday. no one is going to switch their phone because of free stuff in a game.
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  • The_Noobish_Hipster
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    I like the mechanic of the pre-selected ally. Would love to try it out. Unfortunately, I chose my phone not based on potential free gimmicks I might be getting in a mobile game that I happen to like a lot.

    So I'm left standing in the rain - which I happen to not like at all.

    Consider this my feedback not for the event, but for the practice of constraining access through game-unrelated criteria.
  • I like the mechanic of the pre-selected ally. Would love to try it out. Unfortunately, I chose my phone not based on potential free gimmicks I might be getting in a mobile game that I happen to like a lot.

    So I'm left standing in the rain - which I happen to not like at all.

    Consider this my feedback not for the event, but for the practice of constraining access through game-unrelated criteria.

  • Might want to invest in some community support who actually engage with your customers, you can use some of the cash google dumped on you.
  • same as the others, i like the ability to test out the character at 7*s (not sure if he's maxed out too).

    The event looks good, some tiers, bunch of credits and a free character.

    Unless you're iOS. I'm on Android, but i still don't like this platform-exclusive stuff. it just leaves a really bad taste.
  • even if I was on the other end of the spectrum and had an android, I would still be mad (not as mad but mad). This platform exclusive stuff isn't good and doesn't help the game. It just divideds the game. I hope the little extra money google payed you is worth all the people (including whales) not spending until they get something in return. You can just release a full new character to one platform and not the other. Really disappointed guys..
  • How could I leave feedback when it is Android only?? Seriously, give half your user base a free 7* and half nothing? /golfclap
  • Another good reason to quit the game: as far as I'm concerned, the last one. Good luck giving 7 stars platform exclusive toons in the future.
  • Exclusivity like this doesn't seem like a good (or, rather, lasting) business model for mobile games. This event disparity is the like the equivalent of giving a full expansion pack to Playstation while the Xbox version is only available for 49.99.

    This isn't even a situation where I can run out and purchase an Android phone to continue getting the expanded content. I have an Android tablet and run an alt account on it, but there's no way to for me to bring my iOS account on that Android tablet, so even if I choose one device over another, there's no opportunity to keep the same game going. The Android game is at a completely different level, has different toons, is on a different shard, has a different arena payout, everything. The biggest difference for me is that I've got my credit card linked to my Apple account whereas there's nothing on Google Play.

    There is no remedy for this as-is and all this does is alienate a user base that historically pays more across its platform. I'm still very dissatisfied with the Wedge/Biggs thing a few weeks ago. Yes, I benefited from gaining Wedge shards since I was in the process of gaining, but it didn't seem fair to me that iOS got Wedge and Android got Biggs. The pair work together well, but Biggs has been freely available for months, while Wedge has a single avenue through the Cantina, not to mention that Wedge alone is a very strong character, whereas Biggs alone is almost junk. On the flip side of that, Biggs' ship is far better than Wedge's, so in my slow march towards Zetas, gaining a stronger Biggs is a far better deal. Players should have been given the option of one versus the other, or just been given both.

    EA/CG must either compensate with providing the same event to iOS users or providing a set of free crystals that would be roughly the equivalent of what it would take to try gain the new character through chromium packs. Obviously, one has a greater cost to EA/CG than the other, but this is the only remedy that makes things equal across the mobile OSes.

    IOS users have had to deal with MULTIPLE "Samsung" free crystal packs going to Android users over the past year, and have had to just sit here and take it, but this is just unacceptable and a remedy must be offered, and quickly.
  • Skelturix
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    I usually just play and don't complain, even when you keep releasing new whale-only characters that are completely overpowered.

    But bringing a new character that seems to finally make droids work against Wiggs, completely free to 7*, and then deciding that only Android users can unlock him is downright stewpid. How is that even fair? Deciding whether some people can or cannot get bonus free content based on what phone they bought is complete nonsense.

    Only logical thought I can come up with is that your statistics showed that iPhone users tend to buy more packs and crystals than Android users, so you'll keep K-2SO in premium packs to make a maximum of money out of us. If so, that's really despicable of you.

    Sincerely, an iPhone owner that happens to play with Droids.
  • Can't give any feedback BECAUSE I CAN'T GET INTO THE EVENT! I hope the money Google has thrown at you guys make it worth it and you guys can address the other hundreds of bugs this game has. iOS users lost out on a 7* toon, 1 million credits, when you guys know credits are already in a crunch, we lost out on 1k crystals, we lost out on shoretrooper and pathfinder packs that had even more credits and crystals on it. This is pure ****. You are intentionally handicapping iOS users purely based on what device they have, just for a little cash getting thrown at you!? SAD. Before everyone chimes in "oh iOS users got Wedge!" Whoopie! I'd rather have taken everything else android users got for free, over the one thing iOS users got!
  • I love it! This is *VASTLY* better than tournaments. It allows us to experience the new character, learn how he interacts with the rest of my team, learn how to use his abilities, and unlock him at the same time. One of the better events in quite awhile.
  • I got feedback..... stop the platform exclusive crap or make it even!!!!
  • I wonder if you could explain to us please, given that most - if not all - the participants of this forum are adults, what the reasoning behind this platform exclusive event is? To be absolutely clear - my intention isn't to come across as aggressive, accusatory or negatively, but I (and I'm sure other iOS / Apple device users) would really appreciate some insight into this. Even if it's as simple as "commercial decision" or "business decision" - some kind of explanation would be better than your silence (which incidentally, speaks volumes in itself).
  • This event sure sounds cool...

    Too bad I can't see it to try and give feedback since you are the one developed who tries to engage the community.
  • Im an android user. While I'm thankful for the event, I do feel bad for my ios using brothers and sisters.

    I sincerely hope there will be an ios exclusive VERY soon.
  • This is the way to do it. No more tournaments, for awhile at least.
  • Looks cool, but I can't play it and I can't switch to google play without losing everything. Why have exclusive content if i can't switch to the other operating system?????
  • It's been a long time since I enjoyed an event. Well done! I absolutely loved that I could test out the new toon since I use a droid team. The difficulty was perfect. I'm ftp lvl85 and I had to go all out with my droid team to beat it with 3 stars. And the fact that it's running for 10 days is great because a) the rewards are awesome b) I get to test out the new character even more and get to see if he fits in my droid team.
    Having said that, I can see that maybe some players won't enjoy this event so much if they don't have a droid team. I think they will still do it because of the awesome rewards, but it won't be as exciting to them I guess. For example, if the new character didn't have any synergy with any of my top toons, I'd probably just auto the whole thing.
  • slothe
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    What's the point in having a feedback section when we already you'll delete our comments because our feedback won't jive with the forums rules. I'm iOS and someone that normally spent $100s a month, I was ripped during the Baze chromes, I was ripped trying to get the MilFalc, and now this. I'm switching fully to f2p, in the process of getting my money back and I'll never spend again. This was nothing more then a big F U to half of your customers right before the movie release and Christmas. You've gone beyond violating our trust this time. I'm sure this will be deleted soon, so like I said what's the point, clearly you all never cared and should've seen this coming.
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