Suggested rework of the way Squad Arena and Fleet Arena work

We all know getting sniped out of position right before rewards come is horrible...or now and then you don't have time (or even worse, connection) to be battling up the ladder right before rewards drop...

The solution is to award players their arena awards based on the highest rank they attained during the previous 24 hours...

Would this result sometimes in more than one player getting number 1 or number 2 or any other ranking...yes, but so what? No harm to EA, no harm to the player base. Since I know I am getting targeted at award time I rarely spend gems on arena resets since I'll simply be knocked back down into the 20-50 range at reset time which is where I usually finish. If EA switched to rewarding as I mentioned above I would spend way more gems on resets to try and climb higher...

It also helps those who can't always be online fighting for position right before their award time. And the good thing is this change wouldn't punish or harm any of the players...

What do people think?


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    Well i am not that high up the food chain but yeah, it is really annoying if that happens. Your idea sounds good but sadly wont happen because whales pay too much to be in the top 5 and they would start a rage if anybody else gets the same reward even tho they are not top 5.
  • scuba
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    I think this is suggested about one a week.
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