Rebel team for palp event

OK I started about 3 months ago.

I really want palp at the next event

This is my team for said event.

Wedge 4* gear 2
Biggs 7* gear 7
Lando 7* gear 7
St Han 7* gear 7
Akbar 7* gear 7

My questions are if I can get wedge to 7* by the 23rd who should I just as leader and what gear level do you recommend I get my characters to. Or should I push for a couple of characters to be better geared than the other.



  • I feel like 7* is pushing it. 6* maybe if you use all resources and double cantina refreshes. AND dont forget the 5 shards in the ship shop.

    I was told to worry about STH and lando for gear mostly.
  • I'd say use Ackbar as leader for the speed and tenacity. The last event was tuned for g8 so if it's the same just aim for that, but there is the possibility that it's been retuned given the level cap increase but nobody knows just yet. But as Raven said, STH and Lando should be your biggest priority regarding gear level.
  • Thanks for the speedy responses guys.

    How you mod them.

    I'm going critical chance for wedge and lando
    Health for biggs Han and Akbar at the moment
  • Yuri
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    Event ends on january 1st, you'd need about 12.5 Wedge's shards per day to make it in time.
    Maybe you can get him to 7* if you refresh cantina twice every day and get him from fleet shipments whenever he's available.
  • Yuri
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    By the way, what level are you? Cause if you're 80 you could get K2SO 7* for free.
  • I'm almost at 69 I would plan on using 2 refreshes a day.
    I wouldn't be able to get k2so to 7* as I don't have all the battles unlocked yet.

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