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Hi guys. My question is. Whats the highest gear-level ? Are there more then 7 ? And whats the highest skill level of the heroes ?


  • Some are capped at gear level VII and others VIII based on the current level 60 restriction. - Database of everything SWGoH. Fear the Boot |FTB| - One of the 1st Elite Alliances.
  • I presume this will all increase over time and there will be 10* level 100 characters.
  • I hope they wont increase the star level...
  • I anticipate that they will, that and add vehicles and creatures. This is EA they paid dearly for this license. If you don't think they'll get the most our of it you're dead wrong. Think about the guy that bought that HIV drug and jacked up the prices to make as much money as possible. That's EA. They will raise the level cap and more.
  • I don't think they will increase the star ranking cap. They'll run out of space to put the stars :p

    But there will definitely be a level cap increase that's for sure.

    They have such a large catalogue of characters to choose from that they can continue adding more to the game for a very long time which will likely keep giving them a steady income from any character packs they release.

    You can see in the current cantina home screen that there are still a few tables that are locked. One of them looks like the silhouette of the Millenium Falcon so you can bet there will be possible space battle content of some sort.
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    Hopefully there will be more content updates. Iam good with all that is coming. But nomore stark rankings. 7* are enough.
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