The Schwartz Strikes Back is looking for members

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The Schwartz Strikes Back is looking for a few members. We are affiliated with 2 heroic tank guilds “A New Schwartz” and “A Phantom Schwartz”. We are looking for members as we have had members move to our heroic tank guilds. We run a T7 rancor and t6 tank raid. The tank raid tanks 3-4 days.

What we are looking for:
We are looking to grow our members to eventually compete at the heroic tank level in the near future. We are currently looking for members level 80 and above.

We use the chat app slack to communicate even though it is not required it is strongly recommended as we have players from around the world and we share and discuss information about the game.

“The Schwartz Strikes Back”
Guild reset times is 7:30 Eastern Standard Time

Raid Schedule all time EST

Tuesday/Wednesday Raid Schedule:

Tuesday 9:30 pm: Raid open for 0 damage attacks
Wednesday 9:30 pm: Raid opens to commit damage.
Thursday 9:30 - FFA

Friday/Saturday Raid Schedule:

Friday 3:00 pm - Open for 0 damage attacks
Saturday 3:00 pm – First commit of damage
Saturday 11:00 pm - FFA

Saturday /Sunday Raid Schedule:

Saturday open after raid complete for 0 damage attacks.
Sunday 3:00 pm - Frist commit of damage.
Sunday 11:00 pm – FFA

Leader: Coldth ally code 155-952-835
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