Droids Fight Back Event Updates

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As we've just announced this event will be returning in the new year, it's time to share that it's had a few tweaks and updates:
  • Requires: Droids
  • 7 Tiers, including a Bonus Tier
  • Now possible to obtain any Jawa shard (roughly equal chance at any of the 5)
  • No longer costs energy to play
  • Difficulty re-balanced to accommodate mods for tiers above level 60
  • Each tier has 3 encounters, up from 1
  • First event to use our new "style guide" for Event descriptions/naming
  • Tiers 1-6 only require a minimum of 3 droids, while the bonus tier (7) requires a minimum of 5.

Overall you will see an event that is more polished, rewarding, and at the upper tiers slightly more challenging. We hope you enjoy this event!
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