Serious question about GW

I've complained about the hard teams on GW, and i think quite a few people share my thoughts about the matchmaking system. Ok, its random or whatever you wanna call it, but get this. It's the THIRD day in a row i get the same whale on my GW, now where's the randomness in that? Heres Jado again, with his ridiculously expensive team:

Now level 68, even stronger, three days in a row. How can you explain that? And please, dont just "random" me. There's nothing random about getting the same stupid strong guy every day.


  • There is no much explaining but seeing that says you are at least lvl 68 yourself? Im 67 in 4h so I'll be having 2 sacrifice teams ready just in case. Even if you snipe 1 out before going in with A team it helps. But I feel you, just haven't been unlucky enough. I think the range in which to chose from is limited on your node.
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    oh we r are the same server. yea all I can say is he has been at the top for a long long time now. I think since I started I looked and his name was there.

    Edit: oh u got him on GW... well i guess im just the unlucky one cause hes on my arena server.

  • Yah I keep getting him over and over again, how do you beat that guy? Geezus
  • Lose your arena ranking and GW = easier
    Arena 100-200 ranks seems good for me.
    Arena rank 30 I was getting anialated in GW
    Seems GW uses Arena rankings to determine enemy teams.
    I'm getting level 45 enemy and I'm 57 :)
  • There clearly seems to be some match making issues in GW given the posts I have seen on the forum since the update. I have been fortunate enough since the update to not run into anything like that although today may be the start of it since I was facing similar teams at only battle 6 on and at battle 9 I faced a team that is better than mine as well as on the final battle. I was somehow able to win that final battle but just barely and had to try it probably 20 times just to find the secret sauce to make it work. I guess it just goes to show building a full roster is more useful than just focusing on 5 key guys for that mode.

    Going to be a letdown if this becomes common and they are basically telling me that the one mode I still somewhat enjoy and look forward to each day is now only for the p2w whales. If they think that is going to get me to pony up cash then they're dreaming and I hope most others will feel the same way as me.
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