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Been stalking the forums quietly in the background for a few weeks and trying to take in everyone's questions and answers on the 'perfect team'.
Having now come to a bit of a wall in GW, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to advise on ways to help bump up my team and what would be best to complement my current toons.

The most used toons I have are:
Sid 6*, G7
Kylo 5* (nearly 6*) G6
GS 4*, G6 (Currently a main focus to star up)
Phasma 5*, G6
Vader 4*, G7
Fives 4*, G7
Rey 4*, G6
Lumi 5*, G6
Poe 4*, G6

I have a few others a couple of levels off my current Level 60 (Both IGs, Fett, Cad Bane, Ima-Gun, FOTP to name a few).

I was thinking about going with a droid team (imaginative, I know) but am a little hesitant with a possible Poe nerf (I know it might not happen, but it still might).
Currently looking for some that is strong with the hard hitting crits and can stand the pain being given back with beefy HP...Maybe Fett might have a place there?!

Any suggestions would be of a great help!

(Also, kudos on the community support around here. It's been great to see so far!)

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    Fett is too slow, esp if your opponent got Poe in arena. For your arena team, try to learn from those who are using Poe, esp since you got Rey, GS, and FOTP. And Kylo or (Sid) to the team and let the slaughtering begin.
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