I think I just won the Ally Points lottery



  • I pulled 4* bariss, 4* Mace, 3* plo koon, 4* boba and and a stormtrooper that got converted to shards. I guess ive been lucky.
  • Ztyle
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    The last two free bronzium pulls where good today, Barriss converted into 32 shards and mk1 Zatin bacta gel :)
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  • How about this for lucky couple weeks ago I started to farm bobba and got to 70shards when I opened a bronze pack I instantly got Boba plus my 70shards made him 5* the next pack I open had 32 Boba shards and even better the pack after that I got another 7 Boba shards. If that's not luck I don't know what is now I have a 6* Boba gear level 8 with little effort and he is actually pretty decent.
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