Missing TIE Fighter. Whereabouts unknown.

Donno if you noticed.
But where is it?


  • The movie had a bunch of reshoots before editing i think and i guess they removed that shot cause im guessing she would have shot the tie pilot and he would have crashed so really no point for the shot in the first place. Also in the trailer Sal guearra was bald in most of the shots but in the movie he has grey hair. This i think is why some people didnt enjoy the movie as much. But i loved it.
  • yeah they reworked the whole story that's why you see a lot of scenes from the trailers missing completely from the movie. from all the source that I've read, it seems like the original plot was that jyn was going to be a militant rebel in the footsteps of saw. Saw had been training her for a while and taught her to keep her true identity hidden and she becomes a seasoned lieutenant under his command however she botches a military operation and gets caught and put into an imperial prison. saw decides not to save jyn, which makes her bitter. however rebel alliance intelligence find out who she is and decide to break her out. she still has saw's training and "trust no one" mentality which is why we see her running from her rescuers who clearly took out her storm trooper captors. we also see her military combat she gained from Saw's training in her excellent hand to hand combat. it took a droid with the strength of 10 men (k2so) to stop her from escaping her rebel rescuers.

    also, under saw, she developed a sense of betrayal of her father, possibly imbued into her by saw. of course, seeing the message changed those feelings of betrayal for both saw and jyn.

    we get an idea of jyn's rebel military operations from the scene in the trailer where mon mothma reminds her of her militant actions against the empire which in turn hurt the rebel alliance, this scene too was cut from the final version.

    jyn also seems to be well aware of jedha, and her words choices indicate she's been there before. when are enters saw's lair, his lieutenants and soldiers glare at jyn walking in as if they know her very well and are judging her based on past actions. Galens message to her is more of an apology as he seems to know she thinks he betrayed her and word of her extremist military operations against the empire has reached him.

    fast forward to scariff and we see jyn giving the rebel team a pep talk before heading into their excursion, showing that she's done this kind of operation and pep talk before.

    the trailer shows another scene with jyn running on the beach with the hard drive towards the ship. this scene was cut which leads to a theory that jyn and the crew were going to make it out alive

    this version of the movie would've shown a lot more character development of jyn, as it would show get going from a reckless rebel only interested in destroying imperial infrastructure to a seasoned rebel alliance operative with a clear goal of getting the death star plans.

    the reshoots were ordeded in June and were not done because director Gareth edwards wanted reshoots, Disney ordered they be done and the movies plot be changed. no one yet has come forward to explain the real reason why Disney ordered the reshoots but i have a theory that some won't like: by June, trump had clinched the Republican nomination and while he was still the underdog at that point with most expecting Hilary to win, Disney took the precaution to change rogue ones story line because the plot was too political and too anti trump and they didn't want a pop culture movie that could relay anti trump messages if there was any chance of trump winning. some might think my theory is crazy and I'm spewing liberal crap BUT I'm not trying to say trump is bad, im just connecting the dots. there were already news reports that trump supporters viewed rogue one as too political and that's after Disney had ordered reshoots to tone done the political message. hell, even one of the rogue one script writers came out with an anti trump tweet and disney did not want ppl to think of this movie as a statement against trumps platform especially if he has a chance of winning the presidency, which he did.

    anyways my two cents, i hope disney releases the extended cut of the original version of rogue one that gareth edwards was working before the reshoots, that seems like a much better movie.

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