Game Update 12/20/2016

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Hiya and welcome to the last Game Update of the year! Here are the updates for 12/20/2016

NOTE: Due to the studio holiday the top guilds for December will be refreshed for the guild room on January 9th.

Daily Login Character- Finn
As previewed in our last update, Finn is the new daily login character for January!
  • Finn now deals more bonus damage with "Crack Shot," and has increased chances to Expose and Stun his enemies with "Takedown."
  • "Hold the Line" now grants increased healing, and shares that healing with Poe Dameron. Additionally, the Omega upgrade for this ability now gives Finn the ability to dispel all debuffs from all allies!
  • "Balanced Tactics" has been reworked to grant more Offense, and much more Defense. This ability also gains a brand new Zeta upgrade, giving your Resistance allies more synergy with Foresight and Expose.
Additionally, some adjustments have been made to Poe and Resistance Trooper:
Poe Dameron
  • Resistance Bravado - Omega Upgrade now inflicts Buff Immunity on target enemy as well as +15% Expose Chance.
  • Stand Firm - Bonuses are now also granted to Finn and Upgrade 6 adds "whenever Poe loses Taunt Finn gains Taunt for 1 turn."

Resistance Trooper
  • Opportune Strike: Omega Upgrade now dispels all buffs from target enemy as well as +15% Damage. Unlock Finn and revisit your Resistance squad today!

Going Rogue Squad Tournament
Start: Dec 28th-29th (5pm Player Zone time)
Rewards: Cassian U-Wing Ship & Blueprints
Battle against other Galactic Champions to earn the new ship from "Rogue One - A Star Wars Story" - Cassian's U-wing! The event will fire off Wednesday, December 28th at 5pm Player local Zone time and end Thursday, December 29th, 5pm Player Local Zone time.

The Emperor’s Demise looms ever closer
Start: December 23rd
Are your Rebels prepared? Then come find out what it takes to complete the EMPEROR'S DEMISE event! Join the battle and Seven Star the infamous leader of the Galactic Senate, Emperor Palpatine.

The Boarding Action Squad Tournament returns
Start: January 1st
Earn blueprints for Darth Vader’s personal ship, the TIE Advanced x1! This imperial vessel is available in the BOARDING ACTION SQUAD TOURNAMENT starting Sunday. You will need to be at least level 30 in order to have a chance of adding this ship to your collection.
Once unlocked, this powerful ship can be piloted by Darth Vader and added to your fleet. Dominate the leaderboard in the Boarding Action Squad Tournament to earn Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1!

Droids Fight Back Event returns
Start: January 3rd
The Droids are back for a limited time to continue their fight against the Jawas! In this event, you will face off against Jawas and will be required to have at least 3 Droids for your squad to battle them. Earn training droids, xp, and character shards as you battle your way through the Jawa forces!
Start: Tuesday, January 3th, 00:00 UTC
End: Thursday, January 5th, 00:00 UTC

HERO OF THE REBELLION Squad Tournament returns
Start: January 9th
Dominate the leaderboard in the Hero of the Rebellion tournament and add Jyn Erso to your collection! Lv requirements: Lv 30 and above
Start: Monday, January 9th, 5pm Player Zone
End: Tuesday, January 10th, 5pm Player Zone

  • Baze is being removed from the shard shop
  • Doubledrops in Cantina have come to a close
  • Emperor Palpatine: "Crackling Doom" will now correctly damage Jedi Temple Guards.
  • Cassian Andor: Will now correctly use Special abilities while under AI control.
  • Jedi Category has been added to the Jedi Temple Guard. (i.e Mauls anti jedi abilities will now work against the Jedi temple guard)
  • Pirate PVE units are now correctly tagged as Scoundrels.
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