Emperor's demise tier 7 advice needed

Guys I am currently sitting at
Biggs 7* lvl 80 g9
Leia 7* lvl 82 g8 (1 piece left)
Lando lvl 82 g8 (3 pieces left)
Sth lvl 80 g8
AA Lvl 80 g7

Wiggs is right behind woth lvl 72 but at 6* 14/100 which I don't think he's gonna make it. Do you guys think I can finish the last tier? And who should be the leader? (All max abilities)


  • AA leader but no dont think you will make it with that team sorry... having wiggs or sth at a decent gear lvl is required
  • I did it with a worse team then that and they aren't making the event harder this time so I think you should be fine. If not the event runs for awhile so you'll have time to gear up if needed
  • Dooku_for_days
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    If you try enough times, you'll do it. Load sthan up with protection and health mods because ideally you want him at gear 10, and put your best mods on the others. Should be good for 7* EP.
  • If you can get lucky with some RNG with Ackbar not getting stunned, you should be fine. Like Dooku_for_days said, it may take a bunch of tries but you could probably do it.
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