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So ive maxed Qui Gon and Boba. who to farm next. Need your opinion with some justification if possible.Keep in mind i am f2p and need characters with a variety of usefulness. Im currently close to 7staring wedge and biggs for arena (qui gon, boba, lando, lumi, phasma, GS all 7star) My thoughts:
Ahsoka for 2 reasons. 1 she is a pilot with her ship being the only one that can dispel and 2 to use her in yoda event.
Fives because whenever i face him in arena he seems quite powerful. But i dont know how useful he is overall.
Daka because i cant advance in dark side missions (but i dont know if there are gear pieces only available in dark side so it will be worth it to farm her)
Jawa Scavenger. Atm ive 0 jawas but eventually i will have to farm them for Crit Dmg Mods and maybe AAT (ive seen posts saying they are great for that raid)
Sorry for the long post. will appreciate any input and advice from the more experienced players. thx in advance


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    When do you want go ships arena , i think ashoka is good choice for your team. Fives has too good ship, but better for dark side fleet i quess.

  • Fives, but not for arena, for raids, he inflicts speed down and synergises with clones, who all look really fun :)
  • Here is the order I would recommend: Daka to 4*, Ahsoka to 5*, Fives, then Scavenger (possibly sooner depending on how farming the other Jawas is going).

    If you are having trouble with DS missions then I would recommend activating Daka (4* only). Her multi-stun basic and heal special helps you survive longer, until you can unlock and gear up stronger DS toons. Additionally, she makes the Support/Healer challenge much easier and is useful in GW. There is gear that is DS only (e.g. Mk 5 Stun guns, Mk3 Chedak Comlink).

    Ahsoka by herself is good for Yoda challenge and ships. Her usefulness in other areas of the game (AAT raid/GW) depends on having JKA.

    Fives is great for pit raid, but Phasma will work in his place for inflicting speed down. Unless you are going for a clone team (which is a long grind), there are more useful toons to target.

    Scavenger eventually needed for crit damage mod challenge. Unless your other Jawas are up to snuff with gear/stars/levels though to attempt the mod challenge, he becomes less important. Useful on AAT raid for p3.
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