Tks for the Palp event!!!

Since the tournaments were launched I never was so happy with an event as now. I think that most part of the players too, so, thanks for that devs!


  • Ps: This kind of event is far better than tournaments.
  • Yup huge thanks for relief from tournament stress.
  • Atlas1
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    +1 need more of these.
  • Nice and easy loved it
  • I was disappointed it only had 1 stage.
    I find your lack of faith disturbing.”
  • Agreed..this style of event is much more enjoyable..i worked my butt off before on rebels..and spent money on the bundle they offered back in may right? Anyway..i only ended up with a 6* emperor but i was ok with that..i enjoyed that much more than these aweful tourneys...i knew one day i would get him maxed..playing for hours and hours trodding thru the same wiggs teams is not fun at all..i now only play up to a point to get some decent rewards..i could care less about getting 20 shards for a toon i will never use
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