So, what's a good team that can get me through T6 Palp fight?

Here's who I have, all of which are 6/7 stars, mid-high 60s, decent mods, gear 8:

Stormtrooper Han
Scarif Pathfinder

Tips and suggestions in advance before I start messing with this?


  • RancorPackGuild
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    AA lead

    STH K-2SO STH Biggs is who I used pretty much because that is all I had.

    What I would recommend is whover you use do these things.

    Pull a set of your best mods off top 5 character troops

    Place them on your team of choice using best mods on the weakest of the 5, and the lowest of your best mods on the best of the 5

    Put AA out front and I would use K-2SO for his daze and I like SRP but you have wedge biggs and lando so hey that is pretty good.

    Attack Palpatine first and when the Royal Guards taunt go with it, but then return to Palpatine as often as you can. I could not defeat it when I went after the Royal Guards first.

    Hope that helps and good luck.
  • I used for t6 AA lead, lando, biggs, k2so, and scariff rebel pathfinder. My lando is level 85 gear xi. Everyone else was gear viii. First time i failed using gear vii leia instead of k2so.
  • Kcm
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    i used a AA( L), Wedge, Biggs, Baze all 6* and lando 7*, with combined power of 30,319 power, and didnt get resistance till the T6 after i killed the royal gaurds had to wait till cooldowns came back up and killed the emp, was easy peasy.

    and all lvl 75.
  • I went traditional- AA lead, Leila, ST Han, Wedge & Biggs
  • Osik
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    I used wiggs-lando, STHan and leia, granted they were higher lvl and gear, but it was super easy
  • Wedge lead,biggs lando, sthan, and aa. That's how I ran the all the fights
  • RAzZin
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    Just go and try, there is no challenge in palp event, its very easy.
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