A Few Questions

Hey guys/gals,

I've mostly gotten the swing of this game; it's not terribly different than many other "heroes" style games out there, so having tried a few of those I feel it's not too much of a step up with a Star Wars skin...though that's not a bad thing :)

Question though...I am still experimenting with line-ups as I suspect many of us are, so I'm not going to pester about "is X better than Y". It's still early and I expect much of this to change. I'm liking the toons I've got, though many of them feel familiar to each other and I hope that's a problem that may evaporate in the late game. Is that something players closer to cap are finding?

I read in one of the other threads a player claimed to see a win/loss column in PvP. Was that in Beta only or am I missing that? I'd really love to check my ratio and the ratio of anyone I'm considering going up again.

Also in PvP....is there a notification showing when someone has engaged me? A replay function? Something that comes in e-mail maybe?

Thanks for any input. Hope to see some of ya'll out there.
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