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I'm level 65 but I'm sorry to say that I still need help with my Arena team. I currently rank around 100-80, but got hit by a lot of attacks and fell to 170 today. I'm currently working my way back to low 100s, but need advice to improve my arena team.

I've got: Level 65 -> 7* Phasma (g7) , 7* Sidious (g8), 7* Luminara (g7), 5* Kylo (g7), 5* JC (g8), 4* Dooku (g8), Fives 4* (g8).

I also have: Level ~55-64 -> Asajj 5* (g8), Poe 3* (g6), Vader 4* (g7), Finn 4* (g7), Boba 4* (g7), Savage 4* (g6), ST Han 4* (g6), Poggle 4* (g7), Luke 4* (g6), Daka 4*(g6), IG86 4*(g6), plus some others who aren't as useful in Arena (as far as I know).

What's can I do to improve my arena team and rank? I also have 2k+ Arena tokens and 4k Galactic War tokens - I was planning on saving them until the next update, but perhaps I should be using them to improve my team(s). Who would you advise me to focus on?

Huge thanks in advance for any advice!

(Side note: I should have 4* Poe and 6* Kylo in the next few days.)


  • I am top ten on my server cor past few weeks. I have come in 1st place yesterday, 4th day b4, 3rd b4 that, etc. I spend only 50 crystalz on arena per day and make a lot more than that asa result. My strategy is use 5allotted battles while i do dailies, challengez, GW, and then 50 crystals for 5 more battles from 4:45 - 6:00 (when rewards come)

    I am lvl 67 and use:
    6*phasma as leader
    6* kylo
    6* sid
    7* luminara
    6* daka
    All have full gear until level cap increased again.

    This team has served me quite well in both arena and GW.
    Since update i have never not won a GW, using only this team with 5* JC as backup when i need to sacrifice a healer (which rarely happens).
    For squad arena, i think on both decense and offense it isstrong, but especially defense due to increased proc rate of phasma leader ability, daka basic attack stun. Offense i am capable of beating known teams with up to 26,000-26500 power. While i think ultimately i shall usethe below team, i am very happy with who i am cuoosing to farm first.

    Ultimately, i am interested in trying one ofthe following arena teams:

    Droid/Poggle/sideous leader team:
    Sid as leader
    Ig 86
    Ig 88
    a. A healer
    Ewok elder or Luminara or barriss or JC or daka
    Or b. Another damage
    Geo soldier, kylo ren
    Or c. Support
    Dooku, phasma, etc

    Or a nightsister squad
    Asajj as leader
    Sid and dooku for super speedy crew
    Poggle and sid for high damage
    Poggle and dooku anti jedj
    Poe and sid for aoe and expose
    Poe and poggle for high nightsister damage and expose
    Geo soldier and poggle, high dmg but no healing immunity
    Obviouslyalot of options for 2 free spots on nightsister squad

    And finally, my 3rd ultimate squad with phasma (ultimately defense focused ultimate squad)
    Phasma as leader
    Dooku & a healer *
    *daka/jc/offee/luminara/ewok elder
    Or with
    Foo and fotp
    ^high damage and turn meter manipulation
    Or with
    Fotp and healer*
    Or with
    Foo or fotp and dooku
    ^anti jedi damage
    Or with
    Dooku and healer*
    ^anti jedj balance

    Ill have to pick which combo i will try after my current squad is maxed. I really like this game. Also, i think the info in my post should help you get to high rank for worth while rewards and fast arena shipment shard farming (i getabout 12.5shards per day fromsquad arena shipments)

  • Your specific situation, id start farming kylo shards and use
    Phasma as leader,
    Then (they need 6-7starsb4 very useful, but) dooku or poe or poggle

    Good luck
  • Amnor
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    puppyCasey wrote: »
    Your specific situation, id start farming kylo shards and use
    Phasma as leader,
    Then (they need 6-7starsb4 very useful, but) dooku or poe or poggle

    Good luck

    As 5th toon use Poe. He will do fine even at 4* as soon as you manage to gear him up to VIII and to build his abilities
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