Damage Colors & Defense Penetration

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so from what ive noticed, this is how the colors go.

Red = Normal Damage
Blue = Special Damage
Yellow = Critical Damage
Green = Healing
White = Normal Damage that ignores armor

The white part is where im not completely sure. Only times I see white damage is when doing the Savage Oppress challenge and occasionally when Sidious basic attacks. Sidious Deathstroke attack says it has 25% to ignore target armor. With the Savage challenge, the only way you really kill him is by the white damage which on tier 3 it does a little more than 10k damage in white each attack + whatever the red damage your basic attack does which is substantially lower than the 10k from each successful attack.

Now the only thing that makes me question this is that when I use Phasma's advantage, which reads that it is to have 100% defense penetration, yet it does not cause the damage numbers to be white. So not sure if advantage's defense penetration is different from the ignore target armor that sidious gets, but its a bit confusing.

Also last gripe with this is when Sidous does his Deathstroke and scores a critical then the numbers are gonna be yellow and therefore I have no way of knowing if the ignore target armor proc'd or not.


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