Suggestion: Practice Squad

This is a suggestion to the developers that maybe some of you folks could endorse.

OK, love the game. I do all the daily stuff, GW, Arena, and spend all my energies. . . . then what? You literally cannot play the game anymore at that point.

For our time (and sometimes $) investment, I think we should be able to continue playing for the enjoyment of it.

My solution? The Practice Squad.

It pays nothing. No rewards, no experience, no energy depletion.

You pick from your characters for your squad, but can pick from any toons you want to go up against. Ever wonder what it would be like to go up against 5 Sids? Try it! Face 5 Fives? Bring it! Face an all scoundrel squad, all healers, etc.... This is a chance to hone strategies and have some fun, all without effecting any substantive aspect of the game.

What is the opposition to such a suggestion? It will not discourage any spending on the game--in fact, it would likely encourage someone to buy chromium packs, when experiencing all these new characters (kind of like borrowing a hero did).

Anyway, let me know if you think it's a good idea.


  • GW, cantinas, arena, and LS/DS along with 2 refills each does not take much time at all. and there is nothing to do outside of that which sucks because i would like to do more. more pvp of sorts, and live battles not vsing a person's AI

    At least lower the energy cost for missions so we can play more.
  • If you like to spend all the day playing, just avoid simulate battles. Try some low level battles with your level 20 toons and so. Play all of them. I am pretty sure you will play at least 8 hours in a day.

    I think a internal chat would fill this lack of "what can I do now?" for players like you.

    Maybe a "Replay Galactic War" with no prizes but against the same squads would be fine too.
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  • I like this idea, it wouldn't be difficult feature to integrate. Just change gw to be replayable without rewards.
  • I think the best feature is being able to select your opponent characters, one by one.

    Again, no skin off the nose of EA. No rewards or game buffs given for the Practice Squad. Exposes players to different characters and will make them want to $pend.
  • Triqui
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    I like this idea
  • This sounds like a worthwhile and entertaining proposition to me. I imagine that a practice arena wouldn't be overly difficult to implement, but considering the current state of the game, the developers will likely allocate their efforts toward correcting existing issues first before adding such a feature. Nonetheless, it would seemingly provide a great method for experimenting with diverse team builds under specific, predefined conditions.

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  • Aaaaannnnddd.... yeah..... :*
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