Team help needed

Okay sooo I have played this game a lot, and i have had it a month and a half and just hit level 58, I haven't used much strategy at all, just using characters i like, but im not sure if it is the most effective team i could use with who i have, so looking for some help.
My current team consists of:
Lum 5* gear 7
Jc 5* gear 8
Sid 5* gear 7
Ventress 5* gear 7
Poggle 4* gear 7
not sure about this teams chem but i have a some other people im wondering if i should be building on instead
other toons consists of:
Ima-Gun di 4* gear6
ahsoka 3* gear 6
URoRRuR'R'R 4* gear 6
Chewy 4* gear 6
Talia 3* gear 5
cad Bane 4* gear 3
Poe 4* gear 6
Ig-88 3* gear 5
Im also at 74/80 on vadar
and 48/50 on doku
So any suggestions would be awesome, strats, whatever, any input would be nice, and if there is any people i should be aiming for please tell me, thanks!


  • Sysy
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    Ventress is not really good mainly because of her speed. Although you have Poe, you don't have enough good dps to make his suicide worthwhile. From what you have, perhaps try an AOE heavy team since you have Poggle, so Poe, Poggle, Sid, 88 and Ventress for now, and Sid should lead. But when building up toons, you have to decide whether you still want this AOE setup, or a single target crit setup (Lumi comes back there). Or perhaps even a droid setup with 47 and 86 added to the roster.
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