Ship Bugs Compilation (Broken Abilities)

Let's just have one list of ship abilities that are broken to make it easy.

Resistance Pilot's Basic does nothing on Target Locked foes, while AI's basic actually inflicts Target Lock with basic.

FO Tie Fighter turn meter Gain is... Touchy. Also, AI may be getting it twice, or player half, because the AI gets a LOT more than my even though we're similar levels and I'm aamaxed on the uniqueunique as I can be.

Biggs and Sun Fac will randomly just decide they won't taunt the rest of the fight.

Imperial Tie Pilot's unique seems to rarely work.

Wedge's Special applies DoTs even on a miss.

I don't have his ship, but iirc, Rex is supposed to grant his team Protection on resists, but so far, I've only ever see it restore his Protection, no matter who resisted on their side.


  • Poe will also miss shots with his special on foes with no Protection while it is supposed to be a guaranteed hit, guaranteed critical.
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