New game mode suggestions

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First of all, I enjoy the game a lot. Thank you for developing it.

As a Chinese player, I have also come across a very similar mobile game in terms of character acquisition called We Moba, or 全民超神 in Chinese, developed by Tencent. As far as I know, you have to have a Mainland China itunes account to download that game. The game mode of We Moba is mostly tower defense like dota. But it also has a GW section which reward currency for 5 shard tokens, as well as a pve mission mode like LS/DS missions that reward heros shards in hard missions. Though We Moba does not have an arena like SWGOH, it has a real time online tower defense pvp, which may be more popular.

Since so many players are already complaining about the lack of play time in this game, I actually believe if we can have a similar tower defense section that cost little or no resources, players will definitely love to play it.

I am attaching some videos (not made by me) as references.
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