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  • QGJ is not showing up in my cantina shipments :'(
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  • My game is loaded and ready, only thing I see is QGJ in Cantina as well though they must have done other patches.
  • QGJ is not showing up in my cantina shipments :'(
    You have to wait for your cantina shipments to refresh.
  • These devs, lol, update at 5:55? Love it. Makes no sense.
  • Anyone surprised given the issues that are glaringly obvious in the app?

    I just watched the screen and shook my head at it but again, it fits in overall with the app. I just have to chuckle that the same people who would pick THAT time to do an update are the same people trying to Bagdad Bob everyone on the forum by saying there are no AI proc rate boosts despite what everyone can see when they are you know, actually playing the game.
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    Same, my client crashed and had to be restarted.

    New update is for QGJ and Dooku fix.
  • Yeah, I had one match left in arena. Waiting to make the jump to top 100 and got the client restart message.
  • It's an EA based game. Why would anyone think they give a rip about the players? Anyone who actually cared about their players would wait a whole 10-15 minutes before having that update drop and they'd also not try to tell people using the app for weeks with hundreds of fights that the issues everyone sees in the game actually don't exist because they allegedly don't see it on their end.

    As long as people keep feeding them money like they're a slot machine then they are fine with doing stuff like this.
  • How could they do the update at that time. It messed me up, froze past 6pm...
  • Since they felt to close it I will ask again @EA_Jesse why 10 minutes before a major time zones arena awards do you kick us out for maintenance? I spent 50 Crystals to refresh and go for 5th and I was winning the fight when it said client must be restarted. I was kicked out. The 50 crystals wasted. I also lost the extra awards from 7th to 5th. This is not cool at all. Why would you guys do this at this time? I dropped 100 total crystals(not that is much as I buy crystals often, but the principal) to hold and gain rank in the top 10, and that was negated by being kicked out mid fight.
  • Really curious why the devs would wait until 5 minutes before the end of the pvp season before updating the client. This decision makes such little sense that I'm guessing there has to be a good reason. Otherwise, it seems a little silly to develop a pvp system that requires people to swap spots the last 5 minutes of the season yet you release a patch during that same time and prevent people from swapping.
  • So far I haven't been impressed a lot with the way this game is run. The really good gaming companies do their updates at ~4am. There are very few people on then.
  • I'm more **** over how they fix dooku after 2 days but the other 15 characters still need work for almost 3 months now... They making it easy to not spend anything else on this ****
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    5 mins before in your time zone. Not everyone lives in the same time zone as you so it doesnt affect everyone. For me the update was at 6:55
  • Did this really have a major impact on your life? Let it go
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    Yeah, that was not good.

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  • Nope, not for me it was 4min to go and I was able to play.
  • It depends on the time zone. For me the update happened almost an hour after rewards where handed out
  • 5 mins before in your time zone. Not everyone lives in the same time zone as you so it doesnt affect everyone. For me the update was at 6:55

    Why not do it during no one's end of arena? Doing it 20 minutes after the hour would have been just fine.
    vangoh wrote: »
    Did this really have a major impact on your life? Let it go

    I feel somewhat honored that you'd make your first post a response to my thread.

  • I merged all conversations about this here to keep it on topic, so the replies may be a bit jumbled. I haven't done too much testing on the merge features.
  • Nice, I can finally get qgj, have been 23/25 since the first week of playing, realised chromium packs weren't worth buying after buying some 8x ones and no characters worth using opened.

    Now to Judge keeping getting Poe at 5* or do qgj,probably keep getting Poe since gear and promoting costs and arm and a leg for us semi f2p.
  • I have no words, hmm......
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  • congrats EA..... way to look after your clients!!! i'n furious
  • You guys are horrible.
  • Yeah, doing it 5 minutes before ANY time zone difference is an **** move. Whoever signed off on that should be reprimanded. It doesn't affect me, my arena reset is in 6 hours but it's easy to use brain that any. 55 time reset is just ludicrous.
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