Dark Side Starter Pack

Is it worth buying the Dark Side Starter Pack?


  • I think it gives you a good start towards a dark side team and Dooku is really good. Whether or not $4.99 is worth the time to farm those shards is an answer only you can determine. I think in theory you could farm for free in about 2 weeks or so maybe hour plus a day. So approx 20+ hours or to save $5…
  • I picked it up as it seemed like it was a good deal, and it was! You should buy it before it goes away too ;)
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  • Yes
  • I think its the best deal in the game.
  • Eman wrote: »
    Is it worth buying the Dark Side Starter Pack?

    It's a good idea to purchase that my friend it's a limited time offer so purchase it before it's gone...
  • Based off this seems like it's worth it... So I went and bought it. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  • Worth it as you can farm Dooku in game, so he's not as hard to level as other purchasable characters and early game he's op!
  • Dooku is so over powered
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