I don't do tournaments, and I will tell you why



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    Just checked the top ten of my tournament arena. Someone named ... has 4514 points, but only has 5 characters with a higher level than 80. He only has 11 toons with 7*.
    This joker needs his account deleted, but more than that it proves these tournaments are broken

    I would suggest deleting the gamer tag reference or perhaps the post in order to avoid getting this entire thread closed. The integrity problem in tournaments is a serious problem, and it clearly has not been adequately addressed. However, naming/shaming violates the forum rules. As noted by several above, best course of action is to PM CG_LucifersDaddy.

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    Don't play tournaments for character shards or you will be let down. Just place high enough to get 1 mil credits, 3 omegas and raid gear. Totally worth it.

    This + infinity. I cannot agree more. Tournaments are amazing when you give up on the top tiers. I LOVE them, free credits, free omegas, and raid gear boxes. Yes fricken please.
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    The problem with these tournaments is not only the cheaters but the way they handle them. Tons of people have been caught now abusing hacks but they get a one week ban and sent back on their way. One of my tournament shards had a guy with about 12 g9s total, but he had 7* Jyn, casian and chirrut...Keeping all his hacked rewards and denying fair players a shot at their loot over and over again.
  • IDK since they made it 24 hours instead of 1 day+6ish hours it kinda came back to me. I play it when i can 1 time a day, do as much as posible and wait for the results the next day over. It's becoming quite enjoyable

    If I would give a sugestion I would let it be by points with 2 tiers for points 10 points for first tier per unit alive+ 5 per killed and then the second tier 5+4. still 24 hours but allow in the first tier to draw from everyone then the second tier to draw from only people above

    Rewards would stay the same tho I think top 100 should be 40 not 60 and top 200-100 would be 40 as well

    Still PVP is coming back, only saw 1 weak team so far - all blue gear with lvl 50 and for the most part it was quite an enjoyable play

    I'm not sure but I think they added top points from 2 to 3 which if it's true helped a lot with the final score

    regardless if I end up getting the ship or not it was a fun experience for me and a masive improvement over the first PVP's I played back when they came on
  • I reported cheating during the second tourney and got ZERO response, and it's only gotten worse since then. Disappointing, for sure.
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    Rather than tell you how they do it, I will explain how they must be cheating, but not how they are accomplishing it.

    In order to score points you have to kill enemies and/or have survivors. In the top ranks, top teams have 5 gear 11 characters on defense. The cheaters have mostly characters in the G9 level. They also have very few Max level and 7* characters. The chances of them even killing an enemy character are extremely low, if not impossible.

    So there is literally no way for them to realistically achieve high point totals in a short amount of time even with over a year of AP saved up.

    As for sanctions, maybe they are being sanctioned but why would they care? They are running junk accounts and cheating with them.

    ok i am convinced now, having seen the very weak roster of some players in my tournament, with 7* jyn, 7* cassian. unbielievable...
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    Ya... I think they have to be the weakest section of content in the game at the moment, just in my opinion
  • Tourneys are a mess. My favorite one is the tourney cancelation. I had a pretty comfy spot on the Cassian one, I was sitting at 79 with just a bit to go, then the canceled the Tourneys and I suddenly dropped to sub-200. They are just ridiculous at this point. I say remove the guys who are now in Fleet/Guild shipments from the shard shipments 320 for 4 area, and start bringing in the old tourney characters. Thus allowing you to get them if you didn't win... For some crystals. And then people will buy to get them, win-win.
  • I want everyone to quit doing tournies so I can get all the free stuff. Thank you for contributing to the cause.
  • It's pay to win. It's always been pay to win and always will be. I'm debating quitting all pvp. I won't spend a penny on a game. Decent mods barely drop either.. But whip out that cc and buy a new pack.
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    It's pay to win. It's always been pay to win and always will be. I'm debating quitting all pvp. I won't spend a penny on a game. Decent mods barely drop either.. But whip out that cc and buy a new pack.

    it s not pay to win. f2p are actually leading my tournament shard with very weak squads and already own 7* cassian and jyn. it s a cheater heaven.
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    Please report suspected cheaters to: CG_LucifersDaddy
    May the force be with you. It shall free you.
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