Dissapointed in the Boarding Action event

Me as a casual player with 16 min lef i am at rank 804, thats more or less the best i can do, and that wont even give me close to half of the shards to unlock the vaders ship, u need to be atleast top 25 which more or less is for the die hard elite players which is just crazy... takes away all the fun since it will take players like me forever just to unlock a **** ship :( this isnt right....


  • Kyno
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    How many tournaments have you played in?

    F2p especially causal players really need to make hard choices and be very picky about where you compete. Good luck and remember to have fun. It's not a sprint it's a marathon.

    This game is a grind and the tournament payout structure shows this. Keep at the grind you will get there.
  • What @Kyno said.

    I saved up ally points for the last tournament because I really wanted Cassian. I only got him to 3* because that was the best I could do.

    I am considering spendind only 5-10k ally points on this tournament because I really want Jyn next go round.

    I still think there is a better way than these tourneys but until it changes, we will have to make due.
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